A note on TypeBox

At Typebox we like...

  • maintainable open source software tools following open standards
  • to exchange about conceptual or mental models we have for the world
  • social spaces for software construction, engaging humans to adapt, tweak or rewrite their digital tools
  • contribute to linked and open data like, e.g. the emerging and pluralistic open facts database wikidata
  • support and develop personal information organization practices
  • reactive documents & explorable explanations [1]
  • public libraries, taxonomies and vocabularies
  • scientist publishing their research online and accessible (HTML) or blogging about their work
  • extendable open software integrated and build with communities
  • collaboration, cooperation and building partnerships

And i still like web technology (despite everything what is developing in and around it, especially all mechanical and organizational efforts into developing extensive general-purpose surveillance of everday communications). This is the default web page for this service and the web server is running.

Please come back here or get in touch and share your thoughts with us if this has gotten your attention. All the best & stay safe!