Today was a good day at work

In the morning i wrote some text which i couldn't write for a very long time and after lunch i started the quest to create the following screen. Now, because i just lost the leading paragraph for this news to my crashing web browser and i am currently unable to simply reassemble those fine words i chose, i have just the screen to share.

The blue items are Web Resources i once bookmarked, the yellow ones are personal Notes, the items in dark grey represent Persons (mostly the ones i know frmo them being authors) and the red items stand for certain Organisations.

Random frontpage generated by the dm4-stableviews plugin.

This technical image shows a public subset of my research data and each time i request it it differs, as the items shown and their arrangement is randomly assembled when i request it. The neet thing behind this, within the system i use for my personal information work, as it is based on maps, there is actually place information for every single item available. But to make sense of that will surely be some more days work. Thanks a lot to my colleauge Christian for being open for a sidechat today, i enjoyed talking in circles about squares and it was nice of you to kindly remind me of that i really should dig deeper into hexagons. Not visually but when now looking at it, it somehow reminds me of something called "screensavers" and now i really want to run this HTML everytime my screen locks. Anyways, we'll see.