Authoring websites as semantic networks of concepts

The webpages plugin allows to publish HTML versions of DeepaMehta networks. is the first installation of the dm4-webpages module developed by Malte Reißig.


Usage Help

Which topic types drive the webpages plugin?

Webpages introduces the following types and server-side web publishing capabilities to your dmx installation:

  • Webpages, Headers, Buttons
  • Sections, Tiles, 
  • Menu Items, Redirects

Furthermore it installs functionality around the following association types of your installation:

  • Large Image (allowing for adjusting css background-size: style, background-attachment: style)
  • Small Image (allowing for adjusting css background-size: style, background-attachment: style)
  • Logo

You can relate arbitray dmx File topics as images to all Header, Section and Tile type (mentioned above).

How to configure dropdown menus?

Relate Menu Items with a default Association (Grey). The sub menu item needs to play the Child Role and the main (or upper) menu item the Parent Role. You are prompted to edit this immediately after creating the association.

How to create associations between two topics?

Either click the middle-mouse button over an icon or use the context menu (Right Click) and select Associate.



Webpages helps authors write concepts as data in documents applying stable views (@jri) & direct manipulation principles (Shneiderman) in tiled windows.


Webpages is a new version of a classic open source, java, xhtml web-application of the dmx platform.